Our 2 hour tour is an experience you’ll never forget!

One reason Hollywood tours make sense for LA visitors is that it’s an easy and convenient way to take a real look at the best of what the area has to offer. Hollywood Dream Tours 2 hour package is ideal for people with a busy vacation schedule as we offer a fun and concise tour of Hollywood and Beverly Hills, hitting the Walk of Fame, Sunset Boulevard, Rodeo Drive, and the other world famous LA landmarks. Cross off nearly all Hollywood


Our friendly tour guides know all the best stories. They are veritable walking encyclopedias on all things LA, and, even in a relatively brief tour, they know how to take advantage of any special Los Angeles sightseeing opportunity that might arise – including any celebrity we might happen to encounter.


2 Hour Tour Highlights

  • The Hollywood Walk of Fame
  • Actual locations used in classic films
  • Mullholland Drive – one of the world’s most scenic highways with amazing views of the city, as seen in La-La Land and numerous other films.
  • The Sunset Strip, where LA nightlife and countless historic real life show business dramas have played out.

Ready to Explore Hollywood? We Are!

Whether you’re planning your trip weeks ahead or have suddenly found yourself with a few free hours, a Hollywood tour bus awaits.  If you’re ready for your close-up view of the world’s entertainment capital, please call us at the phone number above or reach out to us via our contact page.

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